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Whether you are looking to revamp your entire routine, jump back on the feel good train, or find your missing motivation – we are here to provide an awesome space of transformation and achievement. The POW Challenge was created with community accountability, team work & squad support in mind. What you put into 8 weeks will come back to you in friendships, connections,

This challenge can be added to a routine you’re already doing or used as a jumping point to start a new lifestyle. Wherever you are in the journey back to YOU – we want to be there too… it’s always better when someone has your back. Play the games, rock the videos, check out a class, find new friends & get what you give with the ‘Power of We’



POW Membership **  —> $37
**Recurring charge

  • Private Facebook Page
  • 50 + On Demand Workout Videos
  • Community Support & Motivation
  • Live Coaching Calls
  • Accountability Trackers
  • Daily Challenges & Games
  • Amazing Friendships
  • Parties + Prizes
Questions? We’ve got your back – send us an email


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Awesome add ons:

<Unlimited Monthly – $27>

Includes 5+ LIVE online classes per week – for those out of town, or unable to make it to studio classes through the Fall / Winter – this is our way of helping you stay in the game. *Private Facebook Group – Immediate Entry*
Subscription Required – Sign up HERE

—> 1 on 1 Coaching Session
<45-60 Min Session – $50>
Used for added accountability & motivation, these sessions provide a space to dig deeper into your results while celebrating your progress. Motivational, uplifting and positive with a little tough love to stay in action. Body Composition Scans & results included

—> Body Composition Scan
<One Scan – $10>
Stay on top of your game and accountable to your numbers. Body scans provide an easy and effective way to monitor your results in real time. Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Metabolic Age…OH MY! Step OFF the scale and ON to a body composition scanner. We promise – it makes all the difference!

—> POW Punchcard
<10 classes – $220 / 20 classes – $400>

All classes on the High Five Fit schedule are included. Includes rebound boot rental if desired. Pre-registration is required at HighFiveFit.com/classes. Punchcard consists of 10 classes to be used within 90 days

*Pre-registration for all classes required
*Not affiliated with direct sales
*Rebound boots available – Used & New