Thank you for being here! We want to answer any and all questions you may have about High Five Fit. Below, you will find links & answers to our most commonly asked questions. Please feel free to contact us at any time for assistance.

FREE High Fives

So…What am I gonna get? How will High Five Fit help me?
Simply said – “You get what you give.” We are proud to say that the space we’ve created has already helped improve a LOT of lives, that our classes are a healthy addiction, & the connections and friendships that have formed are Freaking. Magical. It’s a vibespace that promotes an overall sense of safety, growth & community support, which takes away all the pressure and provides opportunity for CHANGE.

Mother’s Day – Susan G. Komen 5K – 2018

What is the High Five Library ?
On Demand Videos to utilize at any time!! This is an opportunity for anyone to access our video library – from anywhere – creating space for no excuses, comfortable convenience and to show up in your own way. *New videos rotate are always being added.

Will there be more classes added to the schedule?
As always, our Spring schedule becomes packed with new outdoor options. With each changing season in MN, we roll with the weather and plan our classes accordingly. More classes, breweries & locations in the works all the time. Can’t Wait? Book a party

AM Squad – Workey before the Turkey

OK… I HAVE to ask. What do the boots do?
Reduce impact to your joints by up to 80% while providing an energizing & euphoric way to get a cardio workout that strengthens your entire body.

Are you kidding me? Will I fall?
We get why you may think that & although the chances of that happening are very slim – we have trained professionals present – always. *Please note: boots do break… A break is like a ‘flat tire’ and is easily fixable to get right back into the game.

Can I book a party?
You absolutely, positively can (and should) book a party for you and your crew! Bachelor/ette bounces, birthday shindigs, girlfriend getaways, fitness family fiestas – we love ALL the parties! We bring boots, 2 instructors, music & fun to your neighborhood for something new to do! Feel free to fill out our quick form to get started!

How do I buy boots? Used too?
These boots are special… when you pick a pair- either used or new – we want to make sure that they are going to work perfectly for the person wearing them. Its our job (and our pleasure) to provide the proper tension setting for the best results. We kindly ask to avoid buying your boots from big business (Amazon) as some people require adjustments upon purchase.
Support us and we can support you… it’s our job and we love what we do.

Can I become an instructor or an advocate for High Five Fit?
If you have any interest in the opportunity to work with or for High Five Fit – we would love to hear from you. Our instructors and coaches are highly skilled & diligently trained. We also provide plenty of perks to our advocates. Reach out to see if our posse’ matches your style.

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