High Five Fit is the only crew in the MPLS area to offer rebound classes.

Rebounding – an amazing, effective and effortless way to shed some pounds, tighten your tush, and feel like a little kid again!
With 80% of the shock being absorbed from your joints, these boots feel like a ‘traveling trampoline’ – that take the pain and impact away from cardio activity!
…And to those that are AFRAID of falling, flailing, or failing – don’t be! These boots are stable and safe!

Current colors 2019

Add rebounding to your routine to:
*Rehabilitate injuries to knees & joints
*Help to combat depression & anxiety
*Stimulate lymphatic fluid for detox & weight loss
*Burn 50% more calories 

….and A LOT MORE!!
Whether you are using them for weight loss, rehabilitation, athletic endurance training, or simply to have fun – the benefits of rebounding are for all sizes and ability levels!

How do I get a pair of these cool boots?
Contact Us to get started – we have plenty pairs to choose from ūüôā
We have new & used pairs available in multiple colors – Let us know what you want and we will do our best to make it happen. These boots are very special and the amount of tension can make a lot of difference to the quality of your bounce. Make sure you buy your boots from an expert that is trained in the proper resistance settings.
Used start around $150 / New start around $250

Sizes? Weight Limit?
Boots start in Kids size 1 and go up to Mens size 14
Weight Specs: Minimum : 75lbs Maximum : 350lbs

What if I’m not in the MPLS area?
No problem – we created the High Five Library for that reason! We have videos available to access from any where you are ranging from Bounce to Barre & back to Bootcamp! Grab some good vibes with us in the comfort of your own home. Yes! It’s a real thing!

Are the classes hard?
As with all good things, practice makes perfect. The cool thing about these bad boys is that you can take the bounce to whatever intensity you want – and still get an amazing workout. You’ll never fly unless you try.

What is a class like? What should I know before I go?

  1. You will not ‘break your bum’, or ‘fall on your face’ – boots are safe & stable
  2. Please arrive a bit early for boot fitting
  3. Bring long socks – to avoid rubbing
  4. Boot quantities are limited 
  5. Pre-register HERE
  6. Include your shoe size & weight during registry 
  7. Credit, Cash & Check accepted. Prepay with Paypal 
  8. Pregnant mothers are not allowed to bounce
  9. Prepare to feel a new, fun vibe with our rad crew’ ūüôā

** We have numerous pairs of boots ranging from sizes 1 to 14 available for rental – you DO NOT need to own your own boots to participate**